Sept/Oct Show & Tell

We're a tad behind updating the blog. Had a wonderful workshop with our Faire DollMother, Paula McGee, in early Sept. To see some pix from that, please visit our Facebook page!

Here are the Show & Tell dolls from the Sept meeting. The October delights will follow right behind, so keep scrolling!

We're so proud of our Carlyn! She was interviewed by Tulsa People Magazine and has a gallery showing this month. Shauna's work is also displayed at the gallery  (you'll see some of her work in the Oct Show & Tell). Below are Carlyn's latest faves. I think she's making a series of these little guys with a message and calling it "Shut the Door!"


 We have some lovelies completed from our workshop with Paula McGee! Be sure to visit Paula's Facebook page here.

This is Doreen's sweet woodland elf.

Doreen was really ambitious and made two!

This is Janis'.... She's holding a beehive. Can you see the tiny buttons are bees? Janis is still working on her crown. It's a beehive with little bees flying around. Can't wait to see it next month!

 A lot of us were inspired by the fall season. Laura's doll is pumpkin-themed, right up to her gorgeous crown.

Shauna brought back some great things from a conference she attended in Nashville. She learned wet needle felting.

And was given this precious souvenir doll (by an artist whose name escapes me; sorry)

Our amazing Shauna will also be showing her work at a downtown Tulsa gallery. Visit her blog here.

We had two guests at the October meeting. Welcome, welcome! Kate is a fiber artist who has made dolls and wants to get back into it. She brought some of her previous creations.

Kathy's grandchild demonstrated wonderful imagination by making a paper doll & sewing machine.

Connie won the doorprize that Kathy brought. It's a spirit doll, representing those who donated the vintage fabrics, crochets, and trims.

Laura gave us a mini-demonstration on using Rigid Wrap, which resulted in a rabbit trail of inspiration that had people digging out their craft store coupons. Can't wait to see what comes of that!
We did "Facebook Live" it; you can see it here.

We've had a great year! Wonderful classes and workshops; beautiful library displays; great exposure and representation at the Mini Maker Faire and the State Fair. We've changed our name, welcomed new members, and celebrated our family artists getting published and having gallery displays. We have one more meeting coming up (Nov 4) and our holiday luncheon in Dec at Pam's. Then we get to start a brand new year. Come join us on this artistic journey!


July Show & Tell (pt 2)

In this post, you'll see all the dolls we brought for the Tulsa State Fair rep to view. We're trying to help them understand that art dolls encompass a wide range of materials & styles. We're not talkin' baby dolls, crocheted dresses and Raggedy Ann's here! (Nothing against those sweet things but art dolls are not the same thing.)

Some of these you may have seen in previous posts, but it's always fun to see them again. WE enjoyed revisiting some of our favorite pieces.

July Show & Tell - pt. 1

There be DRAGONS!

Carlyn brought a work in progress. He's going to be awesome!

We have a lot to show from the July meeting! We welcomed a representative from the Tulsa State Fair to our meeting. We wanted to show the officials what art dolls really are and how they differ from the other entries they've mixed into our category.

So first up, we'll show new things in this post. In the next post, you'll see other dolls we brought as examples.

It's been too long and now I'm not remembering all the doll creators here. I'll mention the ones I do know and fill in later.

Carlyn never rests! She always has multiple creations in the works.

These next two...not sure who made them.

Laurie, our club president (we always say "President for Life") did a fantastic job on this next one...

One of the Linda Misa workshop dolls.

I'm not sure, but this looks like a Lisa work...

 Pam's gorgeous work.

 Shauna's work in progress.

This was a "pass-around" project some artists in Arkansas did. We have a group of ladies in the club who drive over to Tulsa almost every month and for most workshops. We love our Arkansas Ladies!

"I do not care what comes after; I have seen
the dragons on the wind of morning.” 
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Farthest Shore